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Our Story

welcome to tostadas grill

Tostadas Grill is a mom and pop startup restaurant established in September 2010 by Leidis and Gustavo Mendoza. The idea for this restaurant had been incubated for many years prior but there never seemed to be a right time. But one day late in the summer of 2010 they decided that it had to be now or never. So they went on the search for the perfect location and after only a short while, they found it. It seemed almost too good to be true, but Leidis and Gustavo made the dive anyways and started up their small business in the hopes of fulfilling a lifelong dream.

A dream of sharing the Venezuelan cuisine they grew up eating with the all of Toronto. They strive to expand and stimulate the taste buds of patrons new and old, and to share Leidis’ passion for food and cooking.

Three years later, we still offer authentic Venezuelan cuisine. You can find Leidis working hard in the kitchen to fill your order and perhaps even have a nice chat. Tostadas Grill is homage to when Leidis and Gustavo were both living in Venezuela and the grilled arepa was referred to as a ‘tostada’.

About The Food

locally sourced. freshly prepared.

Tostadas Grill features the typical Venezuelan meal of Arepas – a corn based sandwich. Which is great for anytime of day, seeing as you can fill it with just about anything.

All our food is locally sourced, freshly prepared, and cooked in front of your eyes. We strive to provide tasty and satisfying food for our loyal guests. Our main dish – the arepa – is gluten free, vegetarian (toppings are up to you), and good for a quick bite to eat. But that is not all, we also offer traditional meal platters that feature Venezuela’s second most used grain: rice. Our most popular item is definitely the empanada, a corn based patty filled to the brim with whatever our fridges and your mind can imagine.

During the winter holidays we start our holiday specials, which feature the traditional Pan de Jamon and Hallaca. Which nearly always sell out as soon as they are made. So look out for our signage and ask about our winter specials!


Grilled/Fried Arepa


Pabellon Criollo


Grilled Chicken Breast


Fried Snapper Fish


BBQ New York Steak


what people are saying

“Awesome Place to enjoy great food!”

“The best in Toronto”

“Real and tasty Venezuelan food”

Tostadas Grill

2892 Dufferin Ave,
Toronto, ON,

Hours of Operation


10:00am – 7:00pm

9am - 3pm

For reservations please call in advance at

(647) 349-5520